Modern non-rebated interior doors with an aluminum frame to be hidden in the wall and a leaf flush with the wall surface in a white acrylic coating in mat or gloss.

The SEKRET 4.5 door is covered with a high-quality acrylic coating, which guarantees durability and depth of color with a velvety smooth surface.

The acrylic coating is highly resistant to UV rays and scratches. Doors finished with an acrylic layer are ideal for “wet rooms” such as bathrooms, kitchens, where there is increased air humidity.


The SEKRET 4.5 door is a collection of doors with an aluminum frame and a leaf in a wooden structure:

WHITE (in acrylic coating, color similar to RAL 9003)

They are characterized by very high resistance to moisture and scratches.

Acrylic doors are available in MAT or GLOSS.

The acrylic door leaf is ready for installation without additional renovation work, but if you want to paint it, cover it with stucco, wallpaper or putty, there are no contraindications.


An additional advantage of this collection is the ability to choose the finish of the door frame:

RAW (hidden – invisible) aluminum to be built into the wall and painted with paint

BLACK (visible – subtle) in a brushed black aluminum anode

The doors from the SEKRET 4.5 collection are available in the following heights: 202 “, 220”, 240 “cm (passage clearance) and widths: ” 70 “,” 80 “,” 90 “cm (passage opening).

* The 240 cm high door is a global trend in interior design. It guarantees a modern look of the living space. Apart from that, the door in this height optically “heightens” the room and enables faster air exchange.


The construction of the SEKRET door is characterized by the following features:

– made of 100% aluminum, with multi-chamber profiles, thanks to which it shows high stiffness, durability and stability
– to be embedded in a brick wall and plasterboards
– the minimum wall thickness required to embed the door frame is 7.5 cm
– two types of door frame profiles that allow facing doors opening in opposite directions on one wall (opening outwards / inwards)

Door leaf
– non-rebated
– in a frame structure made of MDF truss, covered with high-quality acrylic coating- mat or gloss
– possibility to choose the direction of door opening (opening to the outside or to the inside of the room)

– invisible hinges, adjustable in 3 planes, thanks to which the door leaf can be opened up to 180 °
– magnetic-mechanical lock, guarantees quiet and comfortable use and an innovative design without a protruding bolt
– durable and aesthetic rubber gasket, easily mounted to the aluminum frame
– assembly mesh used for joining the frame with the brick wall and preventing the wall from cracking
– primer that allows the aluminum frame to be painted with wall paint or wallpaper

Choose proven quality, modern design and a guarantee of long-term use.