4th Generation Sinters

We offer very fashionable, modern 4th generation sinters, i.e. large-format slabs assembled in the REWIM system.


It is a large format board produced in the 1200 x 2800 x 4 mm format. The core of the slab is made of 74% ground Polish marble (which is too brittle to be used for quartz sinters) with the addition of PVC which gives flexibility. After subjecting it to the pressing process, the color, pattern, texture and protective coating are applied to it.

The product is a novelty on the European market and can be a 100% alternative to large-format sinters in matt finishes. Providing the advantage of transport on the construction site, ease of peeling and punching, as well as a simple method of installation without the need to use adhesive mortars. And only with the help of mounting adhesives in the tubes (guidelines for proper installation are available during technical consultations and on-line training).

More information available at: www.rewim.pl