Interior tilt and turn doors in a modern form. Our system consists of an aluminum frame hidden in the wall and an aluminum leaf facing the wall surface. Thanks to this, we obtain the effect of invisible, flush, modern doors.

Our innovative, multi-chamber aluminum construction enables the production of the top quality doors flush with the wall surface. The increased thickness (50 mm) compared to traditional doors, stabilizes the leaf and significantly affects the acoustics and thermal insulation of the door.

The proprietary ZEROMUR technology enables the door to be finished (on both sides) with almost any material with a thickness of 5.5 mm – 6 mm:

– Glass, mirror, lacobel,

– REWIM plates (4th generation sinters)

– Laminates, veneers, lamellas, vinyl wallpapers

– Quartz sinters, ceramic tiles, stone

– Acrylic panels, polymer glass

– Mosaic, SICIS glass

– Concrete, putty, microcement

– Upholstered panels, leather, fabrics

Thanks to this, the door and the wall can be finished with the very same material.

The aluminum structure of the door guarantees dimensional stability and the possibility of finishing the door with heavy materials. We produce single or double-leaf doors in various widths and heights.

We make tall doors, even up to the ceiling, without an upper frame beam, with the possibility of safe finishing with heavy materials.

The construction of the ZEROMUR door is ANODIZED, i.e. it is subjected to the aluminum refining process. This is one of the electroplating methods. As a result, we obtain anti-corrosion and mechanical protection of the aluminum surface and a permanent decorative effect.

Our doors are available in four anodizing options:

– Natural anode

– Brushed steel anode

– Brushed black anode

– Brushed bronze anode

* Additionally, the door structures can be powder coated in any color according to the RAL palette.

This type of door is a global trend in interior design. The essence of elegance in a minimalist form. It is the foundation of modern interiors, allowing the door to be perfectly matched to every interior design.

The door frame with the ZEROMUR door leaf is a unique product, made with craftsmanship attention to detail, and at the very same time manufactured in a modern machine park.

ZEROMUR doors are personalized premium class products of the top quality that will guarantee safety, comfort and design long years to come.

* price depends on individual arrangements with the client