High doors in aluminum construction with a sliding system with a hidden rail in the ceiling. This type of door guarantees a unique, elegant and modern look of the living space. Sliding doors in the ceiling system, which do not require a lower running track, give us great arrangement possibilities and give the interior a unique spaciousness.

Modern GEOMETRIC doors are very practical in interior design, we can use them to separate or divide rooms, i.e. the kitchen from the living room, the dining room from the kitchen, the wardrobe from the bedroom or the vestibule from the living room.

In addition, they are perfect for small rooms where every centimeter counts. Compared to standard swing doors, sliding doors always take up less space due to the fact that the leaf slides along the wall.

The GEOMETRIC system can consist of one or two door leaves, and if necessary, even three and four leaves. The rail can be invisible, hidden in a suspended ceiling, or visible, fixed to the ceiling or wall.

Doors from the GEOMETRIC collection are available in heights from 206 cm to even 300 cm, with an individual width, but the maximum width of a single leaf up to 140 cm.

The structure of the GEMETRIC door is entirely made of aluminum, thanks to which it is durable for years, safe, resistant to moisture and temperature changes.

The aluminum door structure is anodized, i.e. subjected to a refinement process in several color options: natural (silver), brushed steel, brushed bronze and brushed black. Additionally, it can also be powder coated in any color from the RAL palette.

The door leaf in the GEOMETRIC system in the ZEROMUR technology can be finished / clad (on both sides) with various materials with a thickness of 5.5 mm – 6 mm: mirror, quartz sinter, putty, 4th generation sinter, concrete, wallpaper, polymer glass, acrylic panels, veneer and many others. An elegant and subtle system (hidden) handrail is installed in the door leaf.

The GEOMETRIC system consists of:
– upper mounting and guide rail
– aluminum single-track (1S) or double-track (2S) running track with trolleys and actuators
– the door leaf in an anodized aluminum structure
– hidden point stabilizing fin

Our system is characterized by a two-part rail: mounting and proper. The guide is specially prepared for plasterboard. Additionally, we have developed a special system for suspending the rail to the ceiling on adjustable mounting rods, regardless of the height of the ceiling.

Our system has special trolleys with a double spring-hydraulic actuator, they allow for gentle braking of the door leaf in the final stage of movement and smooth pulling to the set position. This is so-called automatic soft-close system.

The GEOMETRIC system does not require the use of the bottom runway, i.e. a special floor connection or the passage of the same floor, it is not disturbed by anything. The only lower element is a point stabilizing fin hidden under the door leaf.

The system can be expanded by a double-track rail (2S) and a multiple number of door leaves.

GEOMETRIC doors are a functional and aesthetic solution, and at the same time add spaciousness to the interior. A wide range of finishes and anodized door construction allow it to match any style and interior design.