About us

We are a Polish manufacturer of aluminum interior doors in a modern form. We produce tilt and turn doors in an all-aluminum construction with a hidden frame and aluminum sliding systems with an invisible rail. Our doors are one of a kind and personalized premium class products of the highest quality that will guarantee safety, comfort and design for long years to come.

This type of door is a global trend in interior design. The quintessence of elegance in a minimalist form.

Our company, as the first in Poland, in 2007, started to produce HIDDEN DOORS with an invisible aluminum frame and an aluminum leaf flush with the wall surface. In the architectural environment, the name ZEROMUR began to function as a synonym and colloquial description for this type of hidden flush door.

Years of experience, high-qualified staff in metalworking and modern machinery have made us one of the European leaders in the production of modern interior doors aluminum systems. The basis of our technology is the innovative use of aluminum processing in combination with modern design and craftsman’s attention to detail.

The aluminum structure of our doors guarantees dimensional stability and the possibility of finishing the door with heavy materials. Moreover, aluminum is an alloy that is currently very popular in engineering and construction due to its properties. Low specific gravity, high strength, exquisite corrosion resistance. And most importantly, it is an ecological material, highly durable and fully recyclable. Aluminum does not lose any of its properties in the recycling process and its recycling proccess allows to reduce carbon footprint. Aluminum is a highly valued alloy and is 100% eco-friendly.

ZEROMUR’s headquarters and factory are located in Szczecin. It is a city well-known for its skilled shipbuilders, port atmosphere and German architecture. During the process of economic transformation, the Szczecin Shipyard was closed and thus our company could recruit sufficient amount of specialists with many years of experience in metal and glass processing. The basis of Szczecin’s architecture is the BAUHAUS style, which combines FUNCTIONALITY with DESIGN. This is why our company philosophy is “imbued” with this style. BAUHAUS is the first school of design, minimalism and innovation. It is a trend highlights that all craftsmen are artists, and every artist should be able to produce goods. BAUHAUS is broadly understood simplicity and minimalism.

Geometric and precisely balanced forms. It is a subtle mix of technology and art, classic and very durable materials such as metal, glass and leather.

Our company ZEROMUR produces doors with passion, with exceptional attention to detail, based on the cutting-edge technological achievements in a modern machine park. We create doors out of love for simple forms and devotion to good design.

HANDWERK from German: handicraft, craft, craftsmanship, handmade.