We produce tilt and turn doors in an all-aluminum construction with a hidden frame, as well as aluminum sliding systems with an invisible guide and ZEROMUR skirting boards. Our doors are unique and personalized premium class products of the highest quality that will ensure safety, comfort and design for many years.

ZEROMUR doors have the National Technical Assessment ITB No. ITB-KOT-2020/1477. Our doors with an automatic lowering threshold (self-closing seal) have exceptionally high acoustics confirmed by tests in a certified laboratory.

The basis of our technology is the innovative use of aluminum processing in combination with modern design and craftsman’s attention to detail. Many years of experience, qualified high-staff in metalworking and modern machinery have made us one of the European leaders in the production of aluminum systems of modern interior doors.

The aluminum structure of our doors guarantees dimensional stability and the possibility of finishing the door with heavy materials. Our proprietary multi-chamber aluminum construction enables the production of the highest quality doors flush with the wall surface. The increased thickness compared to traditional doors (50 mm and 65 mm), stabilizes the sash and significantly affects the acoustics and thermal insulation of the door. In addition, aluminum is a metal highly valued in construction due to its properties, and most importantly, it is an ecological material, extremely durable, with a low carbon footprint, suitable for recycling.

In our technology, we offer non-rebated and rebated doors that open to the outside or inside of the room. The facing side looks the same. What’s more, our frames are perfect for installation both in brick walls and in walls made of plasterboards.


 The ZEROMUR door system is characterized by the use of the highest quality materials:

pressed aluminum profiles by the HYDRO concern, the world leader in the production of aluminum

– solid, hidden, multi-axis SIMONSWERK hinges, adjustable in 3 planes, certified with resistance to 200,000 opening and closing cycles

– modern magnetic and mechanical KFV locks, which allow you to close the door comfortably, silently and without the use of force without a protruding bolt

– the filling of aluminum leaves is made of XPS styrodur, which increases thermal and acoustic insulation and improves the stiffness of the door leaf

– in door frames and leaves, we use steel rivet nuts that provide solid and secure fixing for years


ZEROMUR doors can be supplemented with additional technological accessories, such as:

– silencing self-closing threshold

– “arm” door closer

– “hinged” door closer

– electric strike (current open, current closed)

– additional lock with a patent insert


ZEROMUR produces doors with passion, with exceptional attention to detail, based on the latest technological achievements in a modern machine park.

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