Tilt and turn glass doors with a hidden aluminum frame and a tempered all-glass door leaf with a decorative frame and muntin bars. With an innovative aluminum lath hinge, practically invisible. Thanks to this, the glass wing looks as if it is hanging on the wall by itself. As a result, our doors look very modern, subtle and light.

LOFT glass doors with a hidden door frame fit perfectly into modern, minimalist interiors. This type of door provides optical enlargement and illumination of the interior, and at the same time a beautiful industrial accent.

ZEROMUR glass doors are made in a proprietary and innovative technology. Made of aluminum, multi-chamber frame to be hidden in the wall, all-glass hardened door leaf, invisible lath hinge, magnetic lock and aesthetic fittings (perimeter frame, muntins, handle).

All-glass doors have an aluminum and glass structure, thanks to which they are fully resistant to moisture. They are perfect for “wet” rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, swimming pools, gyms and SPA facilities.

The ZEROMUR technology allows you to choose the direction of door opening (opening to the outside or to the inside of the room).

We produce single or double-leaf glass doors. Single-leaf doors have a magnetic lock and a modern handle. Double-leaf doors have a magnetic system with unique handrails.

The aluminum door frame can be anodized or powder coated, according to the RAL palette.

The door leaf is available in a full range of glass colors, i.e. flot, optiwhite, graphite, brown, black. We use 8 mm translucent and opaque tempered glass (satin /matt). Tempered glass is safe and durable for years.

Decorative muntins on the doors are made in various arrangements and colors according to the RAL palette.

An additional advantage of our glass doors is the possibility of using a subtle 1 cm aluminum frame around the glass leaf, which gives the door an original, minimalist look and protects the edges of the glass.

Glass doors are a functional and aesthetic solution, and at the same time add spaciousness to the interior. A wide selection of glass shades as well as anodized or varnished structure allow the door to match any style and interior design.